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2nd International Masterclass Workshop - Management of Hepatobiliary Malignancy

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29. - 30.11.2018 in Irkutsk, Sibirien

Management and treatment of Hepatobiliary Malignancies have undergone major changes over the last years. The progress in interdisciplinary treatment options, perioperative management as well as in overall surgical expertise nowadays allow us to perform individually tailored treatment concepts for our patients with primary or secondary hepatobiliary malignancies even at advanced stages of disease. 

As in other fields of surgery minimal-invasive techniques such as laparoscopic or even robotic-assisted resections have also been established as standard techniques in individually selected patients. In combination with the recent achievements in neoadjuvant and adjuvant treat-ment concepts both disease-free as well as overall survival could be markedly improved in our patients. 

The aim of this workshop “Management of Hepatobiliary Ma-lignancy” is to discuss modern achievements in the interdiscip-linary treatment of patients with hepatobiliary malignancy. Theoretical aspects of interdisciplinary treatment approaches, preoperative patient selection and perioperative patient ma-nagement will be presented and updated while practical as-pects of surgical techniques including minimal-invasive approa-ches will be demonstrated by international experts in the field as a practical course in the operating room.



Ideal advanced Course Candidate

Senior resident (last two years of training); Experienced con-sultant surgeon; good in English or Russian written and spoken (simultaneous translation is provided) 


Educational Methods 

Interdisciplinary approach; Plenary lectures; work shop; Video discussion and live surgeries 


Application Procedure 

Deadline for Application: 15 Oct 2018. Please send a mail to the secretary. The workshop is limited to a small number of participants (first come – first serve). 


Secretary & Registration 

Sandra Wegel |

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